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Windscreen Advice

Guidance on Window Repair/Replacement

Windows and windscreens are vital to our cars. Without them, driving would be impossible, or at least very difficult. They provide protection from the elements and allow us to see what is going on in the road ahead. They also account for some of the vehicle’s structural integrity. If viewing out of your windscreen becomes problematic, then it is possible that your car could fail its MOT. Therefore, it is crucial that your windscreena is kept in good condition.

When you detect a problem in your windscreen, such as a chip or scratch, it is vital that you get it repaired as soon as possible, as with a sudden knock, or exposure to fluctuating temperatures, a chip can develop into a full-blown crack, compromising your safety or the structural integrity of your vehicle. It may even void your insurance if you are found to be involved in an incident and your car is not safe to drive, or make you the subject of a driving conviction. So as innocuous as the damage may seem, getting it repaired swiftly and effectively is of paramount importance.

When choosing a company to undertake repairs or replacements to your windscreen, you should always make sure you chose a reputable company such as Autoglazing UK Ltd. Poor workmanship can lead to severe danger, affect the structure of your car and cause greater expense in the long run.

Windscreen Insurance

With the right car insurance policy, you could even be able to have to work carried out at no cost to yourself. Lots of car insurance policies include windscreen cover as an option, so you might be eligible for repairs. Insurance companies tend to acknowledge that paying for the prevention of cracks through repair is much cheaper for them than replacing outright, so will cover the cost of repair while they can.

If you don’t have windscreen cover, then it is a good idea to invest in it, as the cost of fitting a new unit may be prohibitively expensive for some drivers.

If your car insurance policy doesn’t include windscreen cover, you may be able to find one which does, possibly at less cost than you pay at the moment. A great way of starting your search is through a comparison website, which will allow you to quickly and effectively look at the prices and features of many different insurance companies. If you pay extra for your windscreen cover, you may be able to find a cheap car insurance policy which offers it at no extra cost. But always make sure that the policy you opt for offers sufficient coverage for your needs, so you aren’t left out of pocket in the event of having to call upon your policy.